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After your home inspection, we will go through the home with you, show you any concerns, and answer your questions.

Empowering YOU The Buyer With Home Inspection Reports You Can Trust

Spencer Clark

interNACHI Certified Home Inspector

25+ Years Experience

Certified Home Inspectors

As your certified home inspector in Ogden, Utah, my goal is to empower you by making you aware of any problems discovered during the home inspection.

Whether buying a new home, looking for a condo inspection, looking into a commercial building, or in need of rental property inspections, we supply the best home inspectors in Ogden that are backed by interNACHI.

We check all aspects of your home or commercial property. We look at specific issues such as:

• Is the problem a safety issue, major defect, or minor defect?

• Which components should be replaced, repaired, or serviced?

• What defects/items are okay for now but should be monitored closely?

Get Informed Before You Buy

Buying a new home is a significant investment and you don't want any surprises. When looking at homes, you are overcome with emotion when looking at the beautiful countertops, newly finished floors and often, the smell of fresh cookies.


This can often distract you and mask underlying conditions such as foundation stability, water pipe conditions, radon leaks, hidden mold, and many other issues.

We have been helping buyers in Northern Utah make informed choices by supplying them the reports they need before investing in a new home. 

We Walk Through With You

A home inspection is a large process where we check hundreds of key items in a home. After we complete the inspection, we take you through the home and show you any issues or safety concerns we found.

We go over the home inspection reports with you and show you where they relate to the home so you know exactly what you are getting when buying a new home.

Meet Spencer Clark

I am the owner and operator of Town & Country Home Inspections, L.L.C. I pride myself on providing engaging and congenial customer service, with the unmatched thoroughness and knowledge of home inspection, construction, property maintenance, and management industries.


When I’m not conducting home inspections, I enjoy outdoor activities, spending time with my beautiful wife and two young children, volunteering in my community, and coaching youth soccer.

Ask about our discount for members of the military, veterans, first responders, educators, and senior citizens. Appointments are available seven days a week, including evenings.

Additional Options Available

  •  Weekend appointments are available.

  •  Save time with online payments.

  •  Same day turnaround for home inspection reports.

  •  Contact us at any time with questions about your report.

  •  Join us for the walkthrough after the home inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Home Inspection

A home inspection is a visual examination of the home's major structure, systems and components that are visible and safely accessible.

Is It Okay to Perform the Inspection Myself?

Inspecting your own potential house is not recommended. Home inspectors are specially trained to look for things you may miss. Unless you are a home inspector yourself, seek out a professional.

What Type of Inspection Report is Supplied and How Long Does it Take to Submit?

We provide a highly detailed web-based interactive digital report. Combine this with our inspectors training and experience, along with the option to view on your mobile device or computer. Reports can also be converted into a PDF and printed. We use Spectora inspection software which enables us to deliver reports the same day and, in many circumstances, just minutes after the inspection is completed.

How Can I Be Sure That a Home Inspector is Qualified?

It is important to choose a home inspector who is qualified and holds certification in the field. Utah does not require a license for home inspectors, so certification is important. We are certified by the largest Inspector school in the country, InterNACHI.

How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost

There is no set cost for a home inspection. The cost will vary based primarily on the size and age of the home.

How Long Does A Home Inspection Take

Depending on the home's age, size, and location, as well as the home inspector's own work protocols and ethic, your home inspection may take up to three hours. Adding square footage, outbuildings, and/or ancillary services (such as mold or radon testing) will increase that time.

You can read more here: https://www.tc-inspections.com/post/how-long-does-a-home-inspection-take

At What Point in the Real Estate Transaction Should I Schedule a Home Inspection

A home inspection is usually scheduled after an offer has been made and accepted, but before the closing date. That way, the inspector can rule out any major defects that could be dangerous or costly.

Should I Be Present For The Inspection?

You should attend the inspection. We reserve the last half hour to review our findings with our clients.

Can The Home Inspector Also Repair Any Defects He or She Finds?

What if your home inspector is also a licensed contractor? Sounds great, right? Not always. Although it may seem convenient to have an inspector who is also a contractor, it poses a conflict of interest. If an inspector financially benefits from finding any defects, this can impact the accuracy of the report

What Happens If The Inspection Reveals Problems?

If your home inspection reveals any problems, it is important to understand the severity of the defect. If the defect is more extreme, such as a major foundation crack, wood-destroying organism infestation, or evidence of mold, you should find out how these problems can be addressed, and whether you can negotiate their cost with the seller.

Do You Tell Us Whether To Buy The House?

No, we provide you with the knowledge to make an informed decision. We understand that the condition of the home is one of many critical pieces of the puzzle when buying a property.

What Does a Home Inspection Include?

The standard home inspection report will cover the condition of the home's heating system; central air conditioning system (temperature permitting); interior plumbing system; electrical system; the roof, attic and visible insulation; walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors; and the foundation, basement and structural components.

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