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Town & Country Certifications

Understanding the certifications of your home inspector can go a long way toward enabling you to choose the best home inspector or home inspection company to meet all of your needs. At Town & Country Home Inspections, our team has a broad array of certifications to protect you throughout your process. When you work with us for your home inspection, you can be confident that our experts will be able to meet all of your needs. These certifications can help to relieve stress and provide confidence in the quality of our services.  

The Value Of Experience

An experienced professional is critical in ensuring that your home inspector catches possible problems that will impact your purchase. The last thing you want is for your inspector to miss something crucial, which results in you ending up in a money pit. Town & Country Home Inspections boasts 25 years of experience, so you can be confident that your property will be inspected thoroughly and carefully. This will also enable you to gain an accurate picture of the condition of the property.  

Your Home Has Multiple Componets

Any home involves a broad array of components, from the HVAC system to the structure. Any one of these components can lead to significant problems with your home and your wallet. Due to this, it is essential to work with a home inspector that is certified to inspect each of these areas. Our team is certified to inspect energy efficiency, HVAC systems, the air quality within the building, the condition of the garage, and many other factors that are present within the building. 

InterNACHI Certified

InterNACHI stands for the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. This is an incredibly important certification to protect you throughout your home buying process. Town & Country Home Inspections is a certified professional inspector that is backed by InterNACHI. Another large advantage of this certification is that InterNACHI is so confident in their inspectors that they offer a buy-back guarantee if there is a problem with the property that the inspector didn’t uncover. 

Commercial Inspections

Commercial inspections have different requirements than residential inspections. Due to this, you will need to ensure that you work with a professional that is certified to inspect commercial properties. Town & Country Home Inspections is also certified through InterNACHI regarding commercial inspections. A certified professional is essential in helping you to create a safe workspace for your employees. 

Increase Your Confidence

When you work with a certified home inspector, you can be more confident that the inspection will meet all of the needs of your property. This can help to relieve your concerns and ensure that you are aware of the condition of the property prior to purchasing it. Checking the certifications of your home inspector is an important part in ensuring that the inspection will meet your needs and expectations. 
Check out our certifications for more information about our qualifications. When you want a top-quality home inspection, you don’t need to look any further than our team at Town & Country Home Inspections. To learn more about what these certifications mean, reach out to our experts today!

Ogden IAC2 Certified Inspector
Ogden IAC2 Certified Inspector
Ogden IAC2 Certified Inspector
Ogden Internachi Inspector
Ogden First Time Home Buyer Inspector
Ogden Internachi Inspector
Ogden Garage Inspector
Ogden Move In Certified Inspector
Ogden Energy Savings Specialist
Ogden Home Energy Inspector
Ogden Home Energy Report
Ogden Green Certified Inspector
Ogden Indoor Air Quality Inspector
Ogden HVAC Inspector
Ogden Green Building Inspector
Ogden Tree Inspector Badge
Ogden Plumbing Inspector
Ogden Structure and Foundation Inspector
Ogden Repair Verification Inspector
Ogden Moisture Intrusion Inspector
Ogden Mold Inspector
Ogden Radon Tester
Ogden Meth House Inspector
Ogden Residential Property Inspector
Ogden Four Point Inspector
Ogden Exterior Inspector
Ogden Multi Unit Housing Inspector
Ogden Fire Extinguisher Inspector
Ogden Kitchen Inspector
Ogden WDO Inspector
11th Month Inspection Warranty
Ogden Annual Home Inspectors
Ogden Commercial Inspector
Ogden Electrical Inspector
Ogden Home Energy Auditor
Ogden Roof Inspector
Ogden Deck Inspector
Ogden Chimney Inspector
Ogden Crawlspace Inspector
Ogden Mobile Home Inspector
Ogden Safe Workplace Inspector
Ogden Pet Friendly
Ogden Honor Guarantee