Ogden New Construction Inspection

New Construction Inspection

Many people choose to move into a new construction property because they assume that a brand new building won’t have any defects. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Without a new construction inspection, you may be unaware of existing problems that should be covered by the builder’s warranty. New construction inspections enable you to protect your investment and confirm that the building is in pristine condition. At Town & Country Home Inspections, we can provide new construction inspections to meet all of your needs.

Mistakes Are Possible

It is easy to assume that a new construction project will be in superior condition. After all, no one has lived in the property or failed to provide maintenance within the building. However, the builders of the project are only human. Anyone can make a mistake. When it comes to your building, a mistake can lead to serious consequences, especially when it isn’t caught early on. A new construction inspection will help you to identify when mistakes have been made during construction. This helps you to take the appropriate steps to restore the condition of the property before the damage is allowed to escalate.

Catch Issues Immediately

There are many reasons that you need to catch problems with your new construction building in the early stages. For one thing, damage that is identified early on will generally be easier and less expensive to repair. For another thing, your new construction building will likely be under warranty for around a year. With a new construction inspection, you will be able to ensure that issues are identified while the property is still covered by a warranty. This will help to save a substantial amount of money.

Common Issues in New Construction Buildings

Though many new construction buildings are in great shape, there are several common issues that may occur. When the roof isn’t installed properly, for example, it will leave the interior of the building vulnerable to damage from the elements. This can lead to serious and expensive damage to the property. Inadequate insulation will allow energy to escape from the home, which will lead to substantial energy expenses over time. Other common issues in new construction buildings include siding that hasn’t been installed correctly or structural issues in the foundation of the property.

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Home Inspection Code Enforcements

Confirm that Building Meets Codes

Every area will have different codes and regulations for structures in that area. When you have your new construction building inspected by a professional, you will be able to confirm that the building meets all the related codes. Not only is this important for safety reasons, but it will also prevent you from being held liable if your building wasn’t up to a code that you were unaware of.

Ogden New Construction Inspection

Ensure the Property is Safe

Whenever you intend to live in a property, it is essential to ensure that it is safe for occupancy. Your new construction inspector will pay special attention to potential safety hazards. When you are able to identify these potential problems, you will be able to rectify them before someone within the property is injured. New construction inspections go a long way toward protecting the safety of the building.
New construction inspections are an important component of protecting yourself when you invest in a new home. These inspections will involve a thorough examination of the property. When you obtain a new construction inspection, you will be able to find problems in the early stages, when they will likely be covered by a warranty. These inspections help you to ensure that the property meets any related codes or regulations, as well as ensures the safety of occupants. For more information about our new construction inspections, contact us at Town & Country Home Inspections.