How Often to Get Home Inspections

Home Inspections
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How Often do you Need Home Inspections?

Home inspections are an integral part of protecting your property and ensuring that you have the necessary information to keep it in good condition. In general, if there are not other circumstances that require a home inspection, you should have your property inspected every 3 to 5 years. These regular home inspections will often enable you to identify damage in the early stages. This often ensures it will be easier to repair. They can also provide you with peace of mind regarding the existing condition of your property.

Before Listing your Home

home inspections

There are several scenarios in which it is important to have your property inspected. You should always obtain a home inspection prior to listing your home for sale. This ensures that you will have all of the necessary information about the existing condition of the home. It will also prevent you from being caught off guard if the buyer’s inspection uncovers a large problem that you were unaware of. This is essential in obtaining the most leverage possible throughout negotiations.

Prior to Purchasing a Property

Another scenario that necessitates a home inspection is the purchase of a new property. Before you commit to purchasing a property, it is incredibly important to ensure that you have the property inspected by a professional. This inspection will help to ensure that you don’t commit to a money pit. This may be due to a problem that you weren’t previously aware of. A buyer’s inspection helps to check the safety level of the property. It also gauges the condition of various systems within the property.

Between Tenants

If you have rental property, you will want to ensure that you have your property inspected as part of the tenant turnover process. With the appropriate inspection, you will be able to gain proof regarding the condition of the property after the previous tenant moved out. This is often essential in determining what will happen with the security deposit. It will also provide you with proof regarding the condition of the property before the next tenant moved in. This may also be important for security deposit reasons. Furthermore, having the property inspected between tenants will enable you to make repairs and modifications to keep your new tenant happy and satisfied with your rental property.

Regular Home Inspections

Even if you aren’t in a situation that generally requires a home inspection, it is still important to have your property inspected on a regular basis. When you have your property inspected every 3 to 5 years, you will be able to gain accurate, reliable information regarding the condition of the property. This helps you to make repairs and provide maintenance that will be necessary in keeping your property in good condition.

11 Months After Purchasing Home

11th month property inspections can be extremely beneficial after you have purchased a new home. Most warranties will cover the property for a year after your purchase. By obtaining an 11th month inspection, you will be able to identify problems while the property is still covered by the warranty. This will enable you to make the repairs and adjustments with minimal inconvenience and expense to yourself.

Consider the Home’s Age for Home Inspections

When you are determining how often you need home inspections, it is often beneficial to consider the age of your home. Older homes will need to be inspected more frequently than newer homes. This is because they are more susceptible and vulnerable to damage. If you have an older home, it may even be beneficial to have the property inspected on a yearly basis. A brand new home can likely go slightly longer without an inspection. However, it will still be important to get the 11th month inspection for your property.

With regular home inspections, you will be able to provide better protection for your investment and your property. These home inspections help you to provide preventative maintenance, as well as make repairs early on. If it is time for a home inspection, our team at Town & Country Home Inspections is well-equipped to meet your needs. To learn more about the importance of regular home inspections and the inspection services we offer, contact us at Town & Country Home Inspections today!

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