What a Home Inspector Looks For

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What a Home Inspector Looks Like

When you invest in a home inspection, it is beneficial to understand what it is that the home inspection will look for. A home inspection looks for the safety level of the building, the condition of various aspects of the house, and many other considerations. When you have the property inspected, you will be able to uncover a great deal about the underlying condition of the property. At Town & Country Home Inspections, we offer top-notch home inspections to help you protect your investment and make the best decision for the property.

Safety Factors

A home inspection will identify the various safety concerns that may impact those within the building. Your inspector will spend time examining the smoke detectors and ensuring that they function as they are supposed to. It is also standard to examine the stairs, as well as check for potential fire hazards or other problems. A home inspection can often aid in protecting your family and ensuring that the property will be safe for residency.

Functionality of Major Systems

The major systems that make up your home can have a significant impact on the overall condition of the property. For example, a problem with the plumbing system can lead to substantial water damage to the property. A home inspection will check on these major systems to help ensure that there won’t be substantial issues later on. Your inspector will take some time to examine the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC system of the property to ensure that they are all functioning as they are supposed to. This will also provide you with information regarding any necessary maintenance that these systems will require.

The Condition of the Roof

Your roof serves to protect the interior of your home from the elements. When there is damage to the roof, it can easily lead to additional damage to your building. A home inspection will gauge the condition of the roof, so that you can have an accurate idea regarding any damage that may be present on the roof. When you have this information, you will be able to make better decisions for the property.

The Building’s Ventilation

Ventilation is important for the health of those within the building, as well as the air quality of the building. Due to the importance of this function, your inspector will pay careful attention to the building’s ventilation. This will help you to get a better sense regarding how safe the building will be to reside in, as well as repairs that may be necessary to restore the ventilation system.

The Foundation of the Building

Damage to the foundation of the building can be incredibly expensive to repair. Unfortunately, this damage can also be rather difficult to detect. A home inspector has the appropriate knowledge and skillset to identify damage to the foundation of the building. This is an important component of making the appropriate decision for the property and avoiding substantial repair expenses in the future.

The Condition of the Attic

The attic is often a difficult place to identify damage, especially when it is rarely visited. To prevent potential issues in the future, the home inspection will ensure that the attic is examined, so that damage can be found early on. This is also an important place to identify the condition of the insulation inside of the attic, which will impact the energy efficiency of the property.

The Building’s Structure

The walls, roof, and flooring of the building will all impact the condition of the property. Your home inspector will take some time to identify the underlying condition of these components to gain a better picture of the condition of the property. These services will also help to identify less noticeable damage, such as water damage to the walls or other issues.

These are just a few of the things that a home inspector will look for throughout the inspection process. When you work with an expert to identify the condition of your property, you will be able to gather thorough information to enable you to make the best possible decisions. For more information about what we look for during our home inspections, contact us at Town & Country Home Inspections today!

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